Lahti Association of Photographic Artists

Lahti Association of Photographic Artists (VTRY) was founded in 1982 to gather together photographers and artists working with photography in the Päijät-Häme region of Finland. The association works to develop the local visibility of photographic art, create new channels for artists and foster discussion around art. We carry out these missions by organising artist talks, seminars and exhibitions in Lahti. The association is one of the member organisations of Kauno ry (Lahti Artists Association).

Veera Nivalainen – Honey, Milk and Eggs (VTRY invitation exhibition), Gallery Uusi Kipinä, Lahti, 2021

Lahti - European Green Capital 2021

A sustainable future calls for action, not just talk.

This is why we make bold environmental choices every day in Lahti together with universities, companies and the residents. We are a pioneer of smart, sustainable solutions and the European Green Capital 2021.

As the Green Capital, we will highlight the best European environmental solutions, support the climate goals of Lahti and the whole Finland and start ambitious cooperation projects. We will make the long-term environmental work in Lahti known both in Finland and around the whole world and make sure that the citizens’ everyday life in the city is smooth.

The making of an climate themed mural at the Lahti railway station, 2021